Multiple Address Route Planner for Territory Managers

Multiple Address Route Planner for Territory Managers

Knowing which of your customers to visit and how to get to them are important when it comes to being a territory manager. You must have an extensive knowledge and familiarity with your area if you want to efficiently work as a team or individual. Planning your trips for the day also plays a vital role in ensuring you get to visit as many clients as possible within the day. So if you are looking for the right multiple address route planner for territory managers, you better give Badger Maps a try.

As a route planner, Badger Maps is packed with innovative and impressive functionalities that can easily increase your sales up to 25% and decrease your driving time by 20%. By plotting your clients on a map, you instantly recognize how to strategically and systematically travel from one destination to another.

“CRM usage increased more than 50% once our sales team adopted Badger”

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager, Kerr

Badger allows you to add multiple locations on your map. This helps you to instantly mark a spot and remember them for later use. Not only that, Badger automatically helps you identify the best route to take so you can avoid long and inefficient roads. Enjoy following accurate turn by turn driving directions to prevent unnecessary backtracking and crisscrossing. Easily avoid traffic hotspots with the live traffic updates of Badger.

Use Badger as your secure and reliable database for all your customers’ information. Badger sorts these data and makes them available for you with just a simple push of a button. Download Badger to your mobile device to obtain a handy travel companion and get updates anywhere, anytime.

If you are looking for the best multiple address route planner for territory managers, then Badger Maps is no doubt the best choice. Sign up for a free trial today!

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