Field technicians go from one location to another, using their special skills to provide services for various customers. Traveling from their place of employment to their client’s locations should be a breeze if they have the right travel companion, one that can provide them with the best routes to take. installation-872778_640 The Badger Maps mapping and routing software can make any technician’s journey easier and faster. As a mapping tool and route planner in one program, it can automatically plot your clients’ locations on your map and optimize your routes in a matter of minutes. It connects easily with any kind of CRM which lets you manage your data more efficiently. Being responsible for installations, updates, and repairs, technicians often have strict schedules to follow. Badger Maps calendar integration feature makes it possible for you to organize and update your schedule on the fly, even while on the road. With the Badger app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android, you can access Google maps and get live traffic updates and turn by turn driving directions. It can even provide you with alternative routes so you can avoid traffic congested areas. You can also search for prospective costumers using the lead generation feature. Need to prioritize a specific group of clients? Badger Maps has an extremely useful Lasso tool that lets you customize your map, optimize your routes, and adjust your fields according to your preference, making it easier for you to view and visit your top priorities for the day. It even lets you perform mass updates. If you want a weekly report of all the service calls that you made, Badger Maps can generate it for you. With the check-in feature, it automatically creates a permanent history after each client visit you make. Having the right set of skills and the perfect mapping and routing software like Badger Maps can only lead to more customers for you to serve and more revenue for your company.
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