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Have you experienced manually mapping your route and ending up wasting more time rather than saving them? If you are one of the industrious and motivated sales representatives out there, you know the importance of knowing where to go and how to get to your destination in the quickest and most convenient way possible. That’s why you need to find the best route finder for sales representatives. Introducing the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is among the leading productivity sales apps in the market today. Equipped with innovative built-in features, Badger Maps has gained the respect of many salespeople across the various industries. On average, Badger Maps users have seen a 25% increase in their sales and 20% decrease in their driving time.

So how exactly does Badger Maps work? Badger uses a highly interactive and informative map to show you the exact locations of your customers. Not only that, Badger effortlessly plots your route so you can reach as many clients within the day. No more wondering who to see first, who to see next, and who to see last because you can instantly plan your trips with just a few clicks.

The Colorize feature assigns colors to your accounts according to different criteria. This feature helps you to sort out your clients and see who among them provide the best business opportunities.

Download Badger Maps on your desktop computer and mobile devices. Discover how it can help you improve the way you work and why it is the best route finder for sales representatives.

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Learn how you can maximize your sales routes & sell more with Badger Maps

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