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Sales is a numbers game. The more customers you visit within the day, the higher your chance of closing a business deal. As a sales representative, you know how crucial it is to optimize your routes and efficiently plan your trips for the day. However, this is easier said than done. If you don’t have the right tool, you might spend countless hours taking your customers’ addresses, finding them on the map, and traveling to their location. This menial task can easily get complicated if you have plenty of clients to handle.


So what’s the solution? Badger Maps is the best sales productivity app that can help you save not only time but also money and energy. Badger plots your customers’ location on the map and helps you find them in the most convenient way. With accurate turn by turn directions and live traffic updates, no more zig-zagging and weaving through the city.

“Our reps see opportunities they would not be able to notice without Badger”

Brandon Arsenault

Director Sales Operations, Kerr - Danaher

Badger Maps also serves as a primary CRM. You can save all your customers’ details on Badger and easily access them with just a simple click of a button or tap on the screen. Use the customizable filters to hide and unhide accounts on the map for easy visualization. Add time-stamped notes and record your activities for the day with the utilization of the Check-In feature.

As a sales representative, you need to find new leads to grow your business. Thankfully, Badger is here to help. Badger automatically identifies nearby potential customers based on the parameters you set.

So what are you waiting for? Badger is the best software that can boost your productivity. Sign up for a free 7-day trial now!

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