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As a sales manager, you know how crucial it is to use every single second to increase your income. Once time is lost, it is lost forever. Every lost time means lost business opportunities. Though you might already know this fact, you still find yourself wasting time in manually taking your customers’ addresses, finding them on the map, and searching them on the streets. Thankfully, there is a much quicker way to do this. Introducing Badger Maps!


Badger Maps is the number 1 sales productivity app for every outside sales manager like you. By just using Badger Maps, you can get more customer meetings, efficiently plan your trips for the day, and generate more leads. All of these can increase your sales up to 25% and decrease your driving time by 20%.

When you add your customers’ information, Badger Maps quickly show you their exact location on the map. With this new visual day, you can know who are near or far from you. Badger determines optimized routes to multiple destinations, gives live traffic updates, and provides accurate turn by turn directions.

Badger can also integrate with your calendar and manage your schedule. Never miss another appointment because Badger tells you where your next appointments are according to your calendar.

Another feature to love about Badger Maps is the lead generation functionality. With Badger, you can easily identify the location of your potential customers. Just do a quick search and Badger conveniently displays them on the map.

So what are you waiting for? Learn how Badger Maps can positive change the way you work. Sign up for a free trial today!

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Learn how you can maximize your sales routes & sell more with Badger Maps

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