Route Optimization Software for Sales Executives

Having to figure out an optimized route that leads you to all your appointments can be very time-consuming and tedious. In fact, most sales executives spend so much time in manually going through their CRM tool and spreadsheet. They do this just to find the exact location of their customers. If you really want to gain an edge over your competitors, you need to find the perfect route optimization software for sales executives. This is where the Badger Maps comes in.

The Badger Maps is the optimal solution for all your mapping and routing needs. By using an interactive and informative map, Badger shows you the exact whereabouts of your customers. You instantly get an idea of who is near of far from you and how your clients are distributed throughout your geographic area. Having these visual data, you can now strategically plan who to see first, who to see next, and who to see last.

Badger Maps is so easy to use. You can automatically let Badger show you the shortest and most convenient route for you to reach multiple locations. After that, you can save these routes, so you won’t have to plot your routes again. It comes with complete turn by turn driving directions, live traffic updates, and vivid satellite images. No more backtracking or losing your way because Badger Maps has you covered.

Download Badger Maps on your laptop, personal computer, Mac, smartphone, and tablet. It works with Apple and Android devices. Sign up for a free trial today and see why Badger Maps is the best route optimization software for sales executives today.

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