Regional Account Manager

Now that you have become the regional account manager, you have a bigger responsibility to handle. One of the most major concerns that you have to focus on is the efficient delivery of your products and services. Your outside sales force must have the essential tools and skills to get to your customers in the fastest way possible.


If you are looking for the right tool for your job, you better give Badger Maps a try. More and more field salespeople are now using Badger Maps to increase their sales, improve their productivity, and find new leads.

So what exactly is Badger Maps? It is a sales productivity and planning app that combines the functionality of CRM, lead generation, and route optimization tools. It has a lot of powerful and innovative built-in features that can make your job easier.

Badger Maps allows you to manage your territory and maximize your time, energy, and money. With Badger, you can see your customers on the map and gives you an idea how to get to them in a convenient manner. Not only that, Badger provides accurate turn by turn directions and live traffic updates.

Manage your accounts on Badger using the Colorization and Check-In features, customizable filters, and Lasso Tool. With just a simple click or tap, you can quickly access your customers’ details and update them. What’s more, Badger enables you to delegate tasks easily, send updates, track activities, and evaluate your team’s progress.

So what are you waiting for? You can become a more efficient and productive regional account manager when you use Badger Maps. Start your free 7-day trial today.

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