If your business revolves around traveling from one customer to another, you must perform efficient route mapping. As a business owner, you are intimately aware of the different challenges that may arise in getting to your clients. You and your crew will have to take note of your address manually, find them on the map, fight through traffic, and even deal with unpredictable road conditions. When you don't address these problems properly, you can quickly lose customers and miss business opportunities.


So what’s the best solution? Badger Maps is here to help. With powerful and innovative built-in features, Badger Maps can take your business to a whole new level of success.

How’s this? Badger serves as a cutting edge CRM where you can store all the information of your clients. You can use Badger to collect new customers’ data, delete accounts, and edit details.

"Badger gives our sales guys the ability to be more organized and have more insight into how to be proactive in the territory. They also discover new leads that they didn't know about.”

Jeff Swearingen

National Sales Director

In addition to this, Badger shows you your customers on the map. It gives you a visualization of the location of your clients. With this new information, you can effectively plan your trips for the day. You will have an idea where to go next, which route to take, how long your travel will be, and the exact distance between two destinations.

If you are looking for new customers, Badger is your friend as well. Badger automatically search for nearby new leads and prospective customers you are not aware of before.

See why Badger Maps is the best alternative to MapPoint. Sign up for a free trial today to learn more!

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