Outside Sales

Outside Sales

It’s a tough job being in sales, even tougher when you run an outside sales force. Not only do your sales team have to find the clients and make the sale, they have to be on the road to do it. Hours spent travelling between existing clients and new ones, fighting the traffic and trying to manage a loaded schedule all adds up to one big headache.

That’s where Badger Maps steps in to help out. Our software is designed to optimize your outside sales force. It is designed to help you provide a more efficient and professional face to your customers. No longer will your outside sales force have to spend time poring over maps, trying to work out the best route possible. No longer will they have to waste time fighting traffic and looking for alternative routes.

Badger Maps integrates easily with your calendars and with your CRM to create a file in Excel or CSV format, easily accessible on computer, tablet or mobile phone. Your outside sales force can leave for their day on the road knowing that, with the help of the Badger Maps mobile app, their day is planned. Their route is optimized for efficiency, saving time and money. And, with the addition of access to live traffic updates, even bottlenecks and traffic jams will become a thing of the past.

“Seeing data in Badger while out in the field increases sales efficiency to the 10th power”

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager, Kerr

Badger Maps is packed full of features and filters that will help you and your outside sales force to plan their days and weeks easily. Not only can it help to keep your sales team on track with existing customers, it can help you find new ones. Color mapping helps your sales force to see their territory at a glance and the handy Check-in feature includes customizable tools that help them to keep track of their customers.

If you don’t want to increase your sales activity by at least 25% a week and if you don’t want to cut down on the driving time your outside sales force has to do by at least 20% a week then Badger Maps is not for you. If you do, then take a look through the links below to see just what makes Badger Maps the best productivity tool you could ever invest in.

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