National Sales Managers Territory Mapping

National Sales Managers Territory Mapping

Now that you have a list of names and addresses, you need to know where your customers are located. While you might have a CRM tool or Excel spreadsheet, it is still difficult to have a mental picture of your clients’ location and how to get to them. Even if you use Google Maps, it would be time-consuming and tedious to switch from one device to another. Wouldn’t it be great to have national sales managers territory mapping tool that can easily help you navigate through your sales territory? Thankfully, there is one tool that you can use right now. Introducing, the Badger Maps.

"Badger gives our sales guys the ability to be more organized and have more insight into how to be proactive in the territory. They also discover new leads that they didn't know about.”

Jeff Swearingen

National Sales Director

The Badger Maps is a powerful and cutting-edge route optimization software that allows you to reach your customers in the quickest and most convenient way possible. Using Badger Maps can help you save energy, money, fuel, and most importantly, time. But how?

Badger is a CRM tool with territory intelligence capabilities. It uses Google Maps and the GPS technology to show you the exact locations of your customers. No more guessing who is near or far from you. You don't have to figure out the optimize routes to multiple destinations either. Badger gives you complete turn by turn driving directions and live traffic updates. If you want to avoid poor road conditions, Badger also suggests alternative routes. No more backtracking or aimlessly driving around town because Badger is your number one handy travel companion.

Do you want to know how Badger Maps can be your national sales managers territory mapping tool? If yes, give Badger Maps a try. Sign up for a free trial now!

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