Multi Stop Route Planner for National Sales Managers

Did you ever wish that you can find the right multi stop route planner for national sales managers? If yes, then you will surely love to know how Badger Maps can serve as your handy route planner.

As a national sales manager, you handle a huge sales territory. You spend so much time traveling from one place to another, meeting with business partners, handling various teams from different locations, and finding more customers. Juggling all these tasks without the right route planner is just super exhausting and overwhelming.

So, what can a multi stop route planner for national sales managers do? There are plenty of things especially if you choose the Badger Maps.

No matter where you go, Badger Maps can give you a detailed visualization of your entire sales territory. Whether you are familiar with your area or you are new to a certain place, Badger Maps is there to guide you.

All you have to do is download the Badger Maps and let it connect to your customer database. The best thing about Badger is that you can use it on your smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, and laptop. So, wherever you may go, you can bring and use Badger Maps.

Badger combines your customers’ data with an innovative mapping software. In this setting, you get to see how your data is related to your sales territory. For example, you get to see the exact location of your customers. In just one glance, you can know the estimated total time of all your travel for the day, the distance between two locations, and the fastest route.

Badger comes with territory intelligence capabilities and street-level mapping features. Thus, it is the perfect tool to use when navigating through your sales territory.

Enter the Route Mode and Badger provides complete turn by turn driving directions. Badger also gives you live traffic updates and vivid satellite images. Just create a list of appointments and Badger determines the most systematic sequence of your trips. It tells you who to meet first, second, third, and so on in such a way that you save not just precious time, but also fuel and energy.

Now, if you are handling a team under you, Badger Maps can also help you manage them. For example, you can use the Manager View of Badger and access accounts of other Badger users. This allows you to assign new tasks to them. Not only that, but Badger serves as a centralized, secure database, where you and your team can share updates.

Evaluating and improving your marketing strategy is also made easy. The Colorize feature allows you to quickly determine your best customers and those who need more of your attention. Since Badger shows you where your clients are, you can quickly know how they are distributed throughout your area. You can then identify places which you should explore more to find new leads.

Do you want to become better in your work? If yes, then you should use Badger Maps and see how it has become the best multi stop route planner for national sales managers. Sign up today!

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