Multi Stop Route Planner for Key Account Managers

Do you need a reliable multi stop route planner for key account managers?

Imagine you are in the grocery store with a list of items to buy. Since you are not familiar with the aisles of the store and where your items might be located, you simply go through your list from top to bottom. Soon enough, you find yourself zigzagging from one aisle to another. You finish your grocery shopping, but with too much time and energy wasted.

Now, think about that scenario and how it relates to your work. As an account manager, you are tasked to handle a lot of customers. You got a list of names and addresses, but you don’t know where they are on your map. Going through your day without any plan will only make you tired and stressed.

“Utilizing Badger to visualize CRM data in the field makes our CRM even more valuable”

Brandon Arsenault

Director Sales Operations, Kerr

So, what’s the best way to plan your trips? The answer is using Badger Maps, the best multi stop route planner for key account managers. 

Badger Maps uses a highly interactive and detailed map to show a visualization of your entire sales territory. It shows you the exact location of your customers and how to get to their location.

Route planning is made extremely easy. All you have to do is create a list of customers you need to visit. From there, Badger grabs your list and determines the most systematic sequence of your trips in such a way that you save a tremendous amount of time, energy, and fuel. Badger provides complete turn by turn driving directions, live traffic updates, and vivid satellite images.

With Badger, you can avoid backtracking that can quickly burn too much of your time. You can also avoid aimlessly driving around town. No more stopping occasionally just to ask for driving directions. The traffic updates allow you to avoid traffic hotspots and bottlenecks. You can also get more familiar with your sales territory as you turn your map into satellite images.

“Our reps see opportunities they would not be able to notice without Badger”

Brandon Arsenault

Director Sales Operations, Kerr

So, how effective is Badger Maps? The numbers tell you the answer. Most Badger users have decreased their driving time by 20% and reduced redundant tasks by 50%! Now, that’s equivalent to saving about eight hours of work every week!

Do you know what it means to save a lot of time in your work? It means that you have more opportunities to do other productive things or simply enjoy your extra time. Moreover, according to statistics, Badger users have also closed more deals by 25% ever since using this amazing app.

Badger is not your ordinary route planner. It also comes with other helpful features. For example, the Check-In tool allows you to create time- and date-stamped notes. You can then turn these notes into reports or progress records.

Another tool is the Colorize. It allows you to assign colors to your clients according to various parameters. When you return to your map, you now see your accounts in color depending on sales volume, business type, specialty, and schedule, just to name a few.

Do you want to do more with your time? If yes, you better use Badger Maps, the best multi stop route planner for key account managers. Sign up for a free trial now!

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