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Did you ever wish that there is a better way for you to manage your customers? Are you hoping that you can immediately know where they are located on a map and how to get to them? Are you tired of wasting time in manually poring over your spreadsheets and planning your trips for the day? If you are one of those highly motivated general managers, you know that territory mapping plays a significant role in achieving success in your business. Thankfully, there is now a general managers territory mapping software that can dramatically improve the way you work. Introducing the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is the ultimate route optimization software. It is powered by Google Maps and GPS technology to help you see where your customers are located and how to reach them in the quickest way possible. Badger provides accurate turn by turn driving directions and live traffic updates to ensure you spend less time sitting in your car and more time interacting with your customers.

Managing your team is a bliss with Badger Maps. Since it can be used on desktop computers and mobile devices, you can let your team members send real-time updates anywhere, anytime. Not only that, Badger lets you and your team create time- and date-stamped notes, so you can properly track their activities. At the end of the week, Badger sends you reports about the progress of your team.

So if you are still unsure whether Badger Maps is the best general managers territory mapping tool for you or not, sign up for a free trial today!

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