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As a general manager, you must be familiar with your sales territory. If not, you will have difficulty in leading your team and delegating tasks. On top of this, you must be able to efficiently track the progress of your team members and evaluate how your group is performing. All these can be very overwhelming without the use of the right general managers route mapping software. Thankfully, Badger Maps is here for you.

Badger Maps is a CRM tool with territory intelligence capabilities. This awesome app uses Google Maps and GPS technology to give you a visualization of your sales territory. You get to know the exact locations of your customers and see who is near or far from you. Not only that, you won’t lose your way anymore because Badger provides complete turn by turn driving directions and vivid satellite images. Avoid traffic hotspots and know alternative routes with the live traffic updates of Badger Maps.

Badger is super easy to use. There are built-in features that you will love using. For example, the Lasso Tool draws shapes around your accounts, establishes routes, and mass-updates your customers’ details. The Colorize feature helps you see which of your clients provide the best business opportunities by assigning colors to them. The Check-In function allows you to create time- and date-stamped notes to track your activities.

If you are looking for the best general managers route mapping software, Badger Maps is truly the ideal choice. Sign up for a free trial today to learn more!

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