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If you are a general manager, it is important you are out on the road interacting with new and existing clients. This is done so you can be sure that your company is adequately meeting or even exceeding the expectation of your customers. Moreover, it is not only customers that you have to meet, but also business partners, suppliers, and other people who are needed to keep your business running smoothly. Since you are a very busy person, you can’t afford to waste time during your travel. Thankfully, you can now use a reliable general managers multiple stop route planner known as the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is a productivity sales app that uses a map to show you an overview of your sales territory. Once you added all your customers’ data, Badger can then display their locations on your clients. In just a few seconds, you get to see who is near or far from you, the estimated travel time and distance between two destinations, and the shortest and most convenient route that takes you to all your customers.

Badger Maps has a lot of features to offer. The Check-In feature allows you to create time-stamped notes and track your activities. Use the Lasso Tool to highlight customers on your map, add them on a route map, or mass-update their details. You can integrate Badger Maps with your existing CRM tool, spreadsheets, and calendar app.

There are more to talk about the Badger Maps and how it can be the perfect general managers multiple stop route planner for you. If you still have doubts in your mind, you can sign for free today!

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