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For your business to grow, you can’t just rely on your existing customers. Without proper lead generation strategies in place, you can easily miss business opportunities, and you will soon be overrun by competitors. Knowing your sales territory and where you might find new clients are crucial in generating leads. Thankfully, you can now use a general managers lead generation software to achieve this. Introducing, the Badger Maps.

The Badger Maps uses an interactive map to show you the exact locations of your customers. With just a simple glance, you can easily gain insight on how your sales territory looks like. Badger gives you an idea of how your customers are distributed throughout your assigned geographic area. Having this visualization helps you re-focus your marketing strategies and explore different places to gain more customers.

You can use Badger Maps to directly search for prospective clients. Just access the Places tab, set the criteria for your search, and you are ready to go. Badger then automatically explores nearby places and displays the locations of your new leads on your map. You can click on the icon of these potential customers and Badger effortlessly shows you relevant information such as business name, hours, and types, complete address, website, phone numbers, and other contact details. With these pieces of information, you can easily schedule them for a visit or a phone call.

Download Badger Maps on your desktop computer, laptop or Mac to integrate with your existing CRM tool. You can also install it on your smartphone or tablet to instantly gain a handy travel companion. Sign up for a free trial today and see why Badger Maps is the current best general managers lead generation software in the market!

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