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Being a general manager is tough without using the right tools and technology. If you or your team constantly needs to visit your customers, travel from one place to another and look for new leads, mistakes are always bound to happen. Wouldn’t it be great if you can avoid these costly mistakes or at least significantly reduce them? Obviously, the answer is yes, and you can achieve this through Badger Maps.


Badger Maps is currently the #1 sales app in the Apple App Store. On average, users reported a 25% increase in their sales and 20% decrease in their driving time. Thus, more and more general managers, salespeople, and business owners are switching from their traditional CRMs to Badger Maps.

So how can Badger exactly help you? Badger is a powerful and innovative route optimization software that can help you find your customers on a map. Moreover, you get accurate turn by turn directions, live traffic updates, and satellite images. All these can help you save precious time, energy, and money. So you can now avoid backtracking and unnecessary weaving through the city.

Badger is so easy and fun to use. The colorization feature assigns a color to your customers depending upon their level of priority, sales made, schedule, and distance. Use the Lasso Tool to highlight your accounts quickly, determine the efficient route between them, and mass-update their details.

As a general manager, it is your duty to ensure you and your team are working at peak performance. Achieve this by using Badger Maps. Start your free trial today!

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