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Sales Rep Field Sales Territory

Are you an outside sales rep? If yes, then you probably know the difficulty of planning your route. For you to improve your overall productivity, you must maximize your time and not waste it by fighting through traffic and poor road conditions. Not only that, you must have a good understanding of your entire sales territory so you can quickly get to your destination. What you need now is a reliable sales rep field sales territory software known as the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is the best CRM tool today that comes with territory intelligence capabilities. This means that Badger will not just collect information, but it will also help you navigate through your sales territory. No more backtracking or aimlessly driving around town as Badger has already planned your trips for the day.

With the use of Google Maps, Badger provides valuable details about your assigned geographic area. In just a matter of seconds, you get to see the exact locations of your customers. What’s more, Badger gives you valuable driving directions, live traffic updates, and vivid satellite images to help you reach your clients in the most convenient way possible.

Badger is available on your PC, Mac, laptop, and mobile devices. With Badger at your disposal, you get accurate real-time updates about your clients anytime, anywhere.

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