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Selling and delivering your product can be tough if you don’t have the proper “plan of attack.” After all, it is not always evident to know the sequence of your trips by just looking at your CRM or spreadsheet. As a highly motivated sales rep, you should know who to meet first, who to meet next, and who to meet last. This helps you avoid backtracking and zig-zagging across your sales territory. Thankfully, you can now use a reliable and powerful sales rep field sales software known as the Badger Maps. The Badger Maps is an innovative feature-rich productivity sales app that is designed to help you grow your business. It comes with a map where all your customers along with their data are displayed. This means that you can quickly plan your route, schedule your visits, and assess your marketing strategies in one convenient app. Badger lets you customize your map. For example, use the Colorize feature to assign colors to your accounts based on different useful key metrics. This feature helps you sorts out your clients so you can determine their level of priority, last date visit, buying preference, and other significant information. The Lasso Tool is there to help you quickly highlight clients and add them to a route map or mass-update their details. You can also hide and unhide accounts on your map for easy visualization. You just had an overview of what Badger is all about. Sign up for a free trial now to see why Badger Maps is the best sales rep field sales software today.
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