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Finder Calculating For Field Sales

calculator, route finder, route planningLooking for the right finder calculating for field sales? If yes, then you better give Badger Maps a try.

Being an outside sales agent can be tough. Imagine all the customers you have to visit each day. To keep your business afloat, you must regularly be out there traveling from one client to another. This means that you must be familiar with your sales territory. Driving aimlessly or in circles can ruin your schedule and waste time. That’s why you need to find the best finder calculating for field sales. Thankfully, Badger Maps is here for you.

Badger Maps is a route optimization software that saves you time, energy, and money. It can also increase your productivity and allows you to close more deals. In fact, Badger users have decreased their driving time by 20%, eliminated redundant work processes by 50%, and increased their sales by 25%! So how does Badger Maps accomplish all these?

When you add all your clients’ information to this app, Badger automatically integrates them into a map. This gives you an instant visualization of your customers’ location, their data, the estimated time needed to reach a destination, and the distance between two places. Having all these pieces of information enables you to travel in the quickest and most convenient way possible.

What’s more, Badger Maps does not just show you the location of your customers, but it also tells you the best route to take. It shows you real-time traffic updates and gives complete turn by turn directions. Not only that, but Badger takes all your appointments for the day and tells you who you should meet first, second, third, and so on in such a way that you avoid backtracking or weaving through the city.

Badger Maps is more than just your typical route planner. It gives you the necessary visualization to instantly identify your best business opportunities and know how to improve your marketing strategies. For example, use Colorize feature to assign colors to your clients according to schedule, level of priority, sales volume, and business type, just to name a few. When you return to your map, you can now see your clients in color. There are also customizable filters you can use to hide and unhide accounts on your map.

When you need to track your business activities, use the Check-In tool. It allows you to create time- and date-stamped notes every time you visit a customer. You can then turn these notes into reports, which you can share with your team in case you work as a group. Finally, you can also use these notes to evaluate your progress and learn how to improve your overall business strategies.

Bring Badger anywhere you go and use it anytime you want by downloading the Apple or Android app to your mobile device. With Badger, you get real-time insights and updates right in the palm of your hands.

Isn’t it time that you make your sales work easier and less stressful? If you agree, sign up for a free trial today and see how Badger Maps can do finder calculating for field sales!


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