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Field sales software

Your sales reps are vital to the success of your business. If they can do their job efficiently and professionally, your business will thrive. You may think that everything is running smoothly but look a little closer. How much time are they spending in the office, sorting out routes, getting customer information together and praying they haven’t forgotten an important detail? On the road, how much time are they wasting stuck in traffic, or having to keep backtracking on themselves to get to the next visit, covering the same old piece of road time and again.

Badger Maps is the only field sales software you will ever need. Not only can we save your reps time on the road, we can save you money in overheads and increase your business at the same time. How?

  • By allowing your reps to see all of their customers on one map
  • By allowing them to analyze those customers using important key metrics, like type of customer, next step, sales volume, etc.
  • By allowing them to add a customer to a route map with a simple click of the mouse
  • By optimizing that route to shorten driving time. We can find the best route to take in all your visits without having to backtrack and cover old ground
  • By providing turn by turn directions on their mobile device and access to live traffic updates
  • By allowing them to use our Check-In feature at each visit to create an up to date history of all their customers

Because Badger Maps uses Google Maps, we can always provide you with the most up to date information, including street level mapping. And our mobile maps are interactive so, if a customer cancels while the rep is on route, they can easily change their schedule or run a quick search for a new lead to visit to fill in that dead time.

Try Badger Maps free today with our 7-day no obligation free trial and you’ll see that Badger Maps is the only field sales software that you need.

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