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Like any other business, field sales most likely generate most of your profits. With your sales team being the driving force behind your company’s success, you need to keep them highly motivated and less stressed, and using automated mapping and routing tools can significantly increase their productivity and help them save more time in the process.

Badger Maps is the optimal solution to your sales team’s mapping and routing needs. A complete field sales optimizer, it automatically maps and routes your customer addresses and manage your schedule at the same time. It is highly interoperable and can be used on both PC and Mac. It can totally optimize your sales journey by:

  • Allowing you to view your entire sales territory on a highly detailed and easy to read map with just a few clicks of your mouse
  • Allowing you to manage your accounts and analyze customer data using key metrics
  • Letting you customize your map, assign priorities, adjust fields, and make mass updates using the lasso tool
  • Providing you with the optimal routes to reach your clients in the shortest time
  • Accessing Google maps though your smart phones or tablets while on the road and generating new leads for you to visit
  • Providing you with live traffic updates, alternative routes, and turn by turn driving directions to help avoid traffic congested areas
  • Automatically creating a permanent history with its check-in feature after every client visit you make
  • Automatically organizes and updates your schedule, filling in vacant slots with unscheduled appointments and making adjustments for cancellations

With Badger Maps, your sales team will receive all the help they need in optimizing their field sales experience, while helping them increase their productivity by 25% and cut down their travel time and costs by 20%. It’s a win-win situation for both your team and your company.

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