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Field sales mapping

Field sales are the backbone of your business and the more you can get through in a week, the better it is for you. Unfortunately, a lot of time is wasted on a daily basis – time spent getting all the customer information together, time spent working out a route, time spent driving and even time spent generating new leads. Badger Maps takes all that time spent and cuts it down to the bare minimum, making field sales mapping a breeze and giving you a more professional look.

By importing your customer base to Badger, your reps can manage their customers and their time more effectively. Instead of working their way through files, they can see all their customers on one map and have all their information at the touch of a button. Field sales mapping has never been as easy to do as this

  • Click on a customer and add it to your route
  • When all your visits are added, click on Optimize and let Badger use Google Maps to draw you up an efficient route map, using the shortest possible driving time and encompassing all visits – without having to backtrack or waste more time than necessary travelling
  • Export the details to your calendar
  • Head off out on the road armed with full turn by turn direction, an interactive map and liv traffic updates that keep you on track and out of the traffic

Badger makes record keeping easy wit out unique Check-In feature, a feature that lets you make time and date stamped histories of very visit.

Badger makes lead generation a doddle by searching for all the businesses in your area, by criteria set by you, and allowing you to see them in conjunction with your existing customers. And, because we use Google Maps, our information is always up to date.

Field sales mapping is dead easy with Badger, allowing you to put your day’s appointments together in a more efficient and professional way. Try us today with our free no obligation trial.

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