Field Sales

Field Sales

Field sales are most likely the backbone of your business; without your sales team you wouldn’t have those clients, or at least not as many. Keeping in touch with your client base is one of the most important things your team needs to do. It’s no good finding the lead and landing the contract if you don’t keep up with customer relations.

“Badger cut down our planning time by half – I was spending about 3 hours a week before Badger, and now I’m down to an hour and a half”

John O’Kain

Territory Manager, Aloha NCR

Badger Maps is a solid complete software solution for your field sales team. It isn’t just a map routing software; that is just a fraction of what it can do.  Badger Maps can revitalise your field sales with a number of built in features. You can:

  • Show all your clients on an easy to read map
  • Use our Colorize feature to focus on specific attributes, decide by the filters you choose
  • Map the most optimal route based on clients you choose, start/finish locations and lots of other filter and features
  • Use our lasso tool to easily select an area to visit
  • Generate a map of new leads in a specified area and create a route map for your field sales team to visit
  • Export that map to your field sales staff calendars
  • Provide turn by turn directions and access to live traffic updates on the road on our mobile app
  • A unique check-in feature that allows your field sales staff to created time and date stamped histories of all the activity on  their clients

On top of that, we send your field sales reps a weekly check-in report and you get a spreadsheet detailing the weekly history for your entire field sales team – all in on place.

Badger Maps software uses Google maps so it is always up to date with the latest information and goes right down to street level mapping, giving your field sales team up to the minute accurate details and route plans, keeping them in touch with your clients and you in touch with them.

Do you want to know more about how Badger Maps can help your field sales? Click on the links below

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