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Dog Walker

Every professional dog walker knows that the secret to success, aside from customer knowledge, is knowledge of the territory.  Familiarizing yourself with the community, knowing where the best parks and nearest vet clinics are, and finding the safest and most dog-friendly routes in the neighborhood should be among your top priorities.  It is imperative that you know where you are at all times, especially when you have one or more pets depending on you. Planning your routes carefully is truly important but can be very time-consuming.

Being a mapping tool, a route planner, and a schedule manager in one program, Badger Maps is the solution to all your route mapping needs. Just download the app on your Apple or Android smart phone or tablet and using your mobile’s GPS, you can connect to Google maps and find the best routes to take. It also lets you customize your map and routes to your liking. Want to walk the dogs to the park then take the quickest route back to their owners’ homes?  The Lasso tool allows you to create exact shapes on your map and optimize your route with just a few taps. Had an emergency and need to get to the vet real quickly? Badger Maps will provide you with the fastest route to get there. You can even search for more cool spots to hang out with other dog walkers and keep the dogs busy.

Having complete knowledge of your surroundings is very important if you want to maximize your daily productivity. Knowing the exact places where you want to walk the dogs and taking the best routes not only save you time but energy as well. You will now have more time and energy to spend on walking more dogs and earning more money.

With Badger Maps, being a professional dog walker has never been more enjoyable and manageable.

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