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District Managers Sales Call Planning

Your customers expect to receive their needed products or services on time. Once they place an order, they don’t want to be left wondering whether you are coming or not. As a district manager, it is your job to make sure you and your team stay on schedule. Any delay can hurt your reputation and may cause you to lose business opportunities. So what’s the best way to be consistently punctual? Badger Maps is the answer. It is the best district managers sales call planning software that will meet your needs.

Badger Maps is a route optimization software that lets you see your customers’ exact locations on a map. By adding all your clients’ data, Badger systematically sorts them and gives you the information that you need anytime, anywhere.

Badger Maps is a reliable and impressive tool that helps you do your sales calling process in an easier. Through the Places tab, you can specify the type of customers you are looking for. Once you hit the search button, Badger automatically searches nearby places for potential clients. Not only that but Badger also plots their locations on your map for easy visualization. Click on their icon and Badger quickly shows you relevant information such as business hours, photos, websites, and most importantly, phone numbers. From there, you can either schedule them for phone calls or in-person visits.

Of course, these are just some of the functionalities of Badger Maps. This excellent app is richly packed with powerful features that can increase your sales up 25% and decrease your driving time by 20%. Sign up now and see why Badger Maps is the perfect district managers sales call planning software for you.

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