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If your work as a director of sales revolves around traveling from one customer to another, you are well aware of the different challenges it brings. Manually taking customers’ addresses, locating them on a map, and physically finding their whereabouts can be very tiring and time-consuming. This is especially true if you have a long list of customers to handle. business-695489_640 So what is the solution to this problem? More and more directors of sales, managers, and business owners are now using Badger Maps. It acts as CRM, lead generation, and route optimization tool – all at the same time. So there is no need for you to switch from one program to another. You can use Badger as a centralized database of all your customers’ details. With just one click or tap, you can quickly access your clients’ information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, the number of visits, and websites. As a director of sales, you can monitor your team of sales agents with the use of Badger. Every time your reps visit a customer, they can use the Check-in feature to create notes. At the end of the week, Badger will give you a report to track the progress of your team. As a route optimization tool, Badger can help your team identify the most efficient route to take when traveling from one destination to another. Badger displays all your clients on a map so you can have an idea of their location. These are just some of the best features of Badger. You can learn more about this awesome app when you sign up for a free trial today!
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