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As a director of business development, you need to ensure that your outside sales reps are working at their top performance. However, this is easier said than done. One of the different factors that can affect your salesforce’s efficiency is route mapping. Manually taking customers’ addresses and names, locating them on a map, and physically looking for them on the street can be very time-consuming. Thankfully, you are not alone in this problem. Badger Maps is here to help.


Badger Maps is a powerful and innovative route optimization tool. By adding your customers’ information, Badger automatically plots them on a map. You get to see where your customers are located and determine the best route to take to get to them. Badger saves all routes, so you don’t have to plot your customers over and over again – saving you time and energy.

Badger is super easy to use. There are customizable filters that let you hide and unhide accounts for better visualization. The colorization feature assigns a color to your customers according to the level of priority, schedule, LinkedIn profile, and the number of sales made, just to name a few. Use the Lasso Tool to highlight your accounts and determine the best route between multiple destinations efficiently.

What’s more, Badger is now available as an Apple and Android app. You can use Badger whenever and wherever you need it.

So what’s holding you back? As a director of business development, you need to use Badger Maps. Start your free trial today to learn more!

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