Cleaners get around, it’s the nature of their business but there are things that get in the way of them doing a good job. These are the same things that costs your company money – too much time wasted trying to sort out routes for the day, time wasted sitting in traffic, time wasted when a client cancels a visit while the cleaners are on their way and time wasted through ineffective route planning. That all equates to a loss of profit, be it through low productivity, gas bills and wear and tear on the vehicles, not to mention the potential of losing customers. Badger Maps software has been designed with you in mind but don’t make the mistake of thinking that we are only for mapping routes. Badger Maps is far more sophisticated than a route planner and using us will give you and your cleaners access to
  • Easy route planning
  • Optimized routes
  • Calendar integration
  • A mobile app
  • Turn by turn driving directions
  • Street level mapping
  • Live traffic updates
When your cleaners take Badger on their visits, they can rest assured that they will avoid the usual traffic hotspots, skirt around sudden traffic holdups, drive straight to each appointment without the need to backtrack on themselves and check in at each visit, creating a time and date stamped record of each one. Badger Maps also includes features that let you manage your client database more effectively, including filters that you let you see clients by specific key metrics and the ability to quickly search out new leads, to name just a couple. Clicking on the links below will take you to more information about our features, about how we can help you and your cleaners today and we will also give you the chance to try out for free with our no obligation trial.  
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