It’s a tough business, serving chef’s. They only want the best and nothing less will do; when your reps are late delivering their equipment order then tempers will flare for sure. It works the other way as well – chefs who need to visit premises to prepare meals for social or business engagements can’t be late either and it all boils down to effective management techniques, including precision route mapping. One of the biggest holdups, aside from traffic, is the route planning stage but Badger Maps can turn the heat down and ease the tension.

When you integrate your customer database with Badger Maps, you get access to a whole host of tools that can help your business, whether you are a travelling chef or you supply chefs’ equipment. Amongst other things, you get the ability to set a route map of visits with just a few clicks and then let Badger optimize your route so you are not backtracking on yourself and make your appointments in time.

Badger also has a companion app for mobile devices, which gives you even more features to make more efficient use of your time. Live traffic updates keep you beast of hold ups and bottlenecks, turn by turn driving directions get you there faster and Badger utilizes Google Maps to get you the most accurate and up to date mapping information possible. What more could you ask for? Other features on Badger Maps include:

  • Colorize feature for innovative customer management
  • Check in feature for creating up to the minute time and date stamped records of every visit
  • Drop pin feature for adding hard to find locations to your route map and customer database
  • Lasso feature for drawing your own maps
  • Full integration with any CRM or customer spreadsheet

And a lot more besides. To see how all these features can help your chefs business, click the links below, where you will also find information on how to get a free trial of Badger Maps today

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