If your business as a CEO revolves around traveling from one customer to another, you are aware how important it is to have an efficient map routing process. Having a list of names and addresses are not enough, your sales agents must know the location of your customers and how to get to them in the quickest way possible. Without the right tool, it will be difficult to achieve this.


Thankfully, you can now use Badger Maps. More and more CEOs are now using Badger Maps to manage their teams of salespeople and help their business grow. On average, field sales agents have attained 25% increase in their sales and 20% increase in their productivity.

So how can Badger Maps specifically help you? The answer lies in its many features. Badger Maps serves as a route optimization, lead generation, and CRM app.

“The functionality of software, support and value we’ve extracted is great.”

Jeff Speerstra

District Manager, Anchor Packaging

Once you add all the details about your customers, Badger will manage them in a systematic manner. You can access all your clients’ information with just one click or tap on the screen.

Badger plots your customers’ location on a map – giving you the idea of the whereabouts of your clients. From there, Badger identifies the shortest route between your customers. With live traffic updates, turn by turn directions, and satellite images, you have all the information needed to optimize your routes. So no more weaving through the county and backtracking.

As a CEO, you can track your team’s progress. Badger will send you a weekly report to evaluate the performance of your team.

There is so much to talk about Badger Maps. For now, you should sign up for a free trial to learn more!

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