When you are catering large events, whether they are private functions or business engagements, it doesn’t do to be late. You clients are only interested in one thing – being able to throw a successful catered event and you arriving late because of traffic or because you couldn’t find the address will not be of any interest to them. In fact, the only outcome will be a lack of repeat business and that won’t do, especially if you are trying to build up a good name for your catering company.

What you need is a complete business solution, one that will help you to

  • Manage your clients easily
  • Map out optimal routes to events
  • Allow you to create permanent records of each event
  • Add hard to find locations to your route map and to save them as new records in your client database
  • Avoid traffic and drive straight to your destination without any holdups

"It's safe to say that 50% of the new opportunities I find are because of Badger."

James Wendt

Business Development Rep, The Lake Company

That is just a tiny snapshot of what Badger Maps can do for you. We are the solution to catering nightmares, offering features such as

  • Colorize – an innovative customer management solution
  • Check in  – to create a record of every visit
  • Drop pin – add locations while en route
  • Lasso – draw your own map
  • Optimize – let Badger optimize your route map to save time

We also have a mobile app that gives your catering company drivers access to live traffic updates, helping them to avoid traffic hotspots and bottlenecks, turn by turn driving directions to get them straight to the door and all done with the most accurate and up to date routing information available.

Put your catering company on the map today with Badger Maps. Check the links below for more information on how we can help you and find out how to try us for 7 days, free and with no obligation

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