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Are you concerned that you are not working in the best way possible? Do you spend so much time planning your route? Do you want to quickly get to your destination with the least hassle and inconvenience? For any business, small or large, it is vital that you use the right tool to improve your productivity. Thankfully, you can now utilize Badger Maps, the best business development sales route planning software today.

Badger Maps is the perfect travel companion that will give your real-time updates about your customers. By installing Badger Maps on your mobile device, you instantly gain the ability to see where your customers are located, how to get to them, the estimated time travel and distance between two destinations, and how your clients are distributed throughout your sales territory.

You can also install Badger Maps on your personal computer, Mac, or laptop and let it integrate with your existing CRM software. Badger then serves as a centralized database and organizes all your customer details in an efficient manner.

There are different features that you will love while using Badger Maps. The Colorize feature assigns colors to your accounts according to different criteria. The Check-In allows you to create time-stamped notes and track your activities throughout the day. At the end of the week, Badger sends you a weekly report about your progress. The Lasso Tool enables you to highlight customers, establish routes, and mass-update their details.

If you want to improve the way you work, use Badger Maps as your business development sales route planning software. Sign up for a free trial now to learn more!

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