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Did you ever wish that there is a better way for you to map your sales territory? As an area sales manager, you know that a CRM tool or Excel Spreadsheet is not enough. Even if you use Google Maps, you still have to switch from one device to another, which is really time-consuming and inconvenient. Thankfully, there is now a real solution to all the dilemmas you experience. Introducing the Badger Maps, an impressive area sales managers mapping tool.

So what is Badger Maps and how can it help you create more sales? Badger Maps is primarily a route optimization software. It is like a CRM tool combined with the GPS and territory intelligence technology. It has partnered with Google Maps to give you up-to-date and accurate information about your assigned geographic area. So instead of just a map, Badger adds all your customers’ data in just one place so you can now use a single software for all your mapping needs.

Badger is the ultimate route optimization software that can dramatically improve your productivity. With just a simple glimpse, you can now see the exact locations of your clients. You get an idea who is near or far from you and know how your customers are distributed throughout your sales territory.

No more backtracking or aimlessly driving around town because Badger gives you complete turn by turn driving directions. Learn efficient alternative routes and avoid traffic hotspots through the live traffic updates of Badger.

So if you are ready to take your business to a whole new level of success, sign up for a free trial today. Discover how Badger Maps can be your best area sales managers mapping tool today.

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