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Being a sales manager means that you spend a significant amount of time on the road. Visiting existing customers, finding new leads, meeting up with business partners, and attending appointments are just some of the activities you do. Traveling from one place to another can be time-consuming and tedious without proper route planning. That’s why you need an impressive and powerful area sales managers map planning software like the Badger Maps.

The Badger Maps is packed with innovative built-in features. It serves as a route optimization, lead generation, CRM, and schedule management software. Badger Maps is among the leading productivity sales apps that can quickly increase your sales up to 25% and decrease your driving time by 20%.

With the use of a map, Badger instantly shows you the exact locations of your customers and business partners. Not only that, if you have multiple destinations to reach, Badger automatically plots an optimized route. This feature is significant, and it can help avoid backtracking or weaving through the city just to get to your clients. Furthermore, Badger gives you complete turn by turn driving directions and live traffic updates.

You can also personalize your map to your heart’s desire. For example, you can use the customize filters to widen or narrow down your searches. You can also hide and unhide accounts on your map. The Colorize feature assigns colors to your customers, so you can quickly identify which of them provides the best business opportunities.

There are more to discover about Badger Maps. Make sure you sign up for a free trial today and see why it has become the best area sales managers map planning software.

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