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Time waits for no one and area sales managers are definitely not an exemption. Effectively managing your time is one of the most important keys to business success. However, how much time do you waste when you have to get your customers' addresses manually, find them on the map, and physically look for them? While this can be a menial task, it can quickly become time-consuming especially if you have a long list of accounts to manage.


So what is the solution to this problem? Badger Maps.

Badger Maps is the number 1 sales app today. It serves as a route optimization, lead generation, and CRM tool.

"Badger sets itself apart with the mapping capability, the ability to customize account detail pages, and set your system up just how you want it with its specific check-ins and so on."

Derrick Green

District General Manager, Colonial Life, Unum

Badger is an innovative and powerful tool that can help you not just save time, but also energy and money. By knowing exactly where you are going, you can get to your customers in the quickest time possible. What’s more, once you added your clients’ details on Badger, it will automatically record all optimize routes for later use. You don’t have to spend time repeating the same process of plotting your customers on a map because Badger has already done it for you.

Backtracking and zig-zagging through the country can be frustrating. You can avoid this with Badger. You get live traffic updates, satellite images, and accurate turn by turn directions. You can even easily re-optimize your route in case of last minute changes to your schedule.

Today, you, as an area sales manager, can modify the way you work. Sign up for a free trial today and take advantage of the benefits Badger Maps offers!

The Best App for Field Sales People

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