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Being an area manager gives you the role of knowing your customers, where they are located, and how to get to them the quickest way possible. All these processes can be very time-consuming and cumbersome. If this problem is not remedied, business opportunities can be lost and even hurt your company. So what is the best solution?

Badger Maps is the #1 choice of thousands of area managers, salespeople, and business owners today. Average users claim to have a 25% increase in their sales and 20% decrease in their driving time. All these help you save money, energy, and most importantly, time.

Badger Maps provide a broad range of functionalities – all of which can boost business growth. For one, Badger is a route optimization software that helps you find your customers painlessly. What’s more, once you establish an optimized route, you can save it for later use. So no more going through the same process again.

Getting to your customers is super easy with Badger Maps. You gain access to live traffic updates, turn by turn directions, and satellite images. If you have multiple destinations for the day, use the Lasso Tool and Badger automatically determines the best way to get to all of them. No more zig-zagging or backtracking because every turn you make is sure.

If you are looking for new leads, use the Places feature. Specify the type of customers you are looking for and hit search. Badger provides you a list of prospective customers conveniently shown on the map.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the link below to sign up for a free trial today.

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