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Getting to appliance repair visits can be a bit of a nightmare at times. A good proportion of them will be in residential areas and these can be tricky to find sometimes. Add to that the buildup of traffic at certain times of the day and you have yourself a drain – money being spent on wasted time and that is no good for any business. Badger Maps is designed to make life easy and make driving between jobs a pleasure. With Badger, you can do so much more in a fraction of the time, including:

  • Adding clients to a route map and optimizing it to make the best use of time
  • Take advantage of Badger with Google Maps – up to date information, street-level mapping, live traffic updates
  • Check-in – a feature that allows your appliance repair agents to create a record of each visit and set any follow up action – all time and date stamped for posterity
  • Drop pin – the ability to add out of the way premises to the route map and then add the details to your
  • client database for future use
  • Lasso – draw your own visit route map and then let Badger optimize it

Badger Maps can increase productivity in your company by increasing the number of visits your reps can make in a week by up to 25% while decreasing driving time by up to 20%. That equates to less overheads and more money in the bank, not to mention the number of happy customers.

To be honest, this is just a fraction of what Badger Maps can do for you and your appliance repair business. You make it your business to repair appliances; we make it our business to simplify that for you. Click on the links below to check out more features of Badger Maps and how to get yourself a free trial.

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