Being an agent or a representative of your company means putting your best foot forward at all times, and in the business world, first impressions matter and tardiness is always frowned upon. That’s why you need every help you can get in maintaining a carefully balanced schedule with little room for errors. And although mapping customer locations and planning routes are integral parts of a sales agent’s job, these tasks are just too time-consuming and persnickety to be taken lightly. You need to be very meticulous in planning your route to avoid taking the wrong one and wasting precious time. This is where Badger Maps comes in.


Badger Maps is a mapping and routing software that answers all your sales route planning needs. It’s not just a mapping tool and a route optimizer; it can also serve as your main CRM. In addition, it can integrate easily with your existing crm software and personal calendar, allowing you to import your client list into your map, analyze your data, and manage your schedule with ease. With an accurate map and the best routes, you are ready to tackle a busy day on the road.You can even take Badger Maps with you.

The Badger app uses your mobile’s GPS to access Google maps and provide you with live traffic updates and driving directions, as well as alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. It also comes with a lead generation feature that lets you search for more leads to visit. Just key in your target area and customer type and you’re good to go.

Want to customize your map? You can use the Lasso tool to draw exact shapes on your map, adjust fields, and update large groups of accounts. This will help you view and visit your top priorities for the day. If your want a report of all the sales call you made for that week, Badger Maps will generate it for you with the help of the Check-in feature which lets you create a permanent history after each visit you make.

Get the Badger Maps software today and become your company’s top selling agent.

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