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Account Managers Territory Mapping

As an account manager, you know the importance of managing your time and ensuring you accomplish as many tasks as possible within the day. However, a significant amount of your time can potentially be wasted on the road. With so much traffic, poor road condition, and unpredictable changes in your schedule, you must carefully plan your trips for the day. What you need is an account managers territory mapping software. In this case, Badger Maps is your best choice.

Badger Maps is the optimal solution for all your mapping and routing software. It is currently the number 1 productivity sales app in the Apple App Store. On average, people who use Badger Maps have seen a 25% increase in their sales and 20% decrease in their driving time.

Getting to your appointments and reaching your customers are not a problem with Badger Maps. With the use of an interactive map, you can instantly see which of your clients are near or far from you. From there, you can now strategically sequence your trips. Know who to see first, who to see next, and who to see last. Avoid wasting time and fuel by using the complete turn by turn driving directions of Badger Maps. You can even identify traffic hotspots and take alternative routes, so you don’t have to fight through traffic.

There are more to Badger Maps than just being an account managers territory mapping software. So sign up for a free, no-obligation trial today to know more about this excellent app.

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