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Properly scheduling your work is an integral part of your success as an account manager. No tasks are of equal importance, and that’s why you must learn how to prioritize your trips. However, if you only have a CRM tool and Excel spreadsheet, it is not immediately evident who you should visit first or where your clients are located on the map. Worse, you are left to plot your customers’ addresses, identify the best route to take, and physically find them on the street. That’s why you need Badger Maps as your account managers scheduling software. While Badger Maps primarily serves as a route optimization app, it has other innovative and reliable built-in features that can maximize your time and increase your income. Badger Maps uses a map to effortlessly show you the exact locations of your customers. You get a sense of direction and insight on how your clients are distributed throughout your sales territory. With the visualization of your customers’ location, you can now strategically schedule your trips for the day. You can systematically sequence your visits – know who to see first, second, third, and so on. No more wondering where to go next or how to get to your destination since Badger Maps has already plotted your route. You can connect your calendar app to Badger Maps. After doing so, you can now see your appointments on the map. You can also mark new locations, find new customers, and schedule visits by using Badger Maps. If you are still having doubts about the effectiveness of Badger Maps as an account managers scheduling app, you better sign up for a free trial today!

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