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When you work as an account manager, the one thing that your customers don’t like is for you to be late. After all, time is precious and the way you spend your time determines how much sales you can produce. Being punctual is not an accident. It is purposely planned and the best way to ensure you get to your destination the quickest way possible is to use an account managers route mapping software. This is where Badger Maps comes in.

Badger Maps is the ultimate route optimization software that can dramatically increase your profit and improve your productivity. With the use of an interactive and informative map, you can easily identify the exact locations of your customers. No more guessing who are near you and where to go next because Badger helps you navigate through your sales territory.

“Our efficiency has easily increased over 100% since we’ve implemented Badger Maps. Each rep is seeing at least 2 more accounts and finding 2 more prospecting opportunities per day.”

Ken Buck

Regional Sales Manager, Kerr - Danaher

As a route mapping software, Badger gives you complete turn by turn driving directions. With this feature, you can avoid unnecessary backtracking and weaving through the city. Enjoy using Badger’s vivid satellite images so you can familiarize yourself with your assigned geographic area. Also, avoid traffic hotspots with the live traffic updates.

There are different built-in features that you will love while using Badger Maps. These functionalities include Check-In, Lasso Tool, lead generation, calendar and CRM integration, Colorize, and more. You can also install Badger Maps on your computer or mobile device.

Of course, Badger Maps is more than just an account managers route mapping software. Sign up for a free trial today to learn more!

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