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As a sales rep, it is imperative for you to not only have good relations with your existing clients but you should also make sure to have a back-up list of prospective customers that you can visit in case of cancellations. What with all your other tasks like mapping multiple customer locations and routing your daily schedule, driving around aimlessly looking for possible clients will only be counterproductive and will most likely just lead to too much wasted time instead of more clients.

These days, most outside salespeople rely on automated tools to help make their daily work load lighter. One of the best mapping and routing software on the current market is Badger Maps. Being a mapping tool, route optimizer, and schedule manager all rolled into one, Badger Maps is definitely a total package. It works well with both PC and Mac and also integrates easily with any CRM and personal calendar. With Badger Maps, you can view your entire sales territory, manage your client data, and organize your schedule in one location.

For a smoother time on the road, you can download the Badger app on your smart phone or tablet and have easy access to Google Maps. If you need more clients, Badger Maps can provide you with a list of prospects to visit. Just key in your target area and type of customer and it will generate a list of prospective clients and businesses for you.

Aside from being a mapping and routing tool and a lead generation application, Badger Maps also has enough functionality to serve as your main CRM. Among its other notable features is the lasso tool that you can use to customize your map and adjust fields. With it, you can view your priorities for the day more easily and make group updates quicker. Another is the check-in feature that creates a permanent history for every client you visit.

With Badger Maps as your daily journey companion, your time on the road will be less-stressful and more productive as well.

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