How to Show Which Places Are Not a Prospect (WebApp)

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I recommend saving all the leads that you see as accounts in Badger.

  1. Create a field called “Sales Stage.” (More information about creating fields can be found here.)
  2. Possibly categories within “Sales Stage” could be “lead,” “opportunity,” “customer,” “not a prospect” or anything that is appropriate for you.
  3. If you come across a lead using our “Places” tool and you don’t like them, you can save the place, and label it “not a prospect.”
  4. You can filter the accounts that are “not a prospect” by going to “Filters” under the “Visualize” tab and filtering those accounts off the map.
  5. When you are prospecting and bringing up the leads with “Places”, you can release the filter and let them back on the map so you can see what you’ve looked at in the past.

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