How to Route More than 23 Stops (Android)

Badger currently optimizes up to 23 stops per route. If you have to build a route with more stops than that, a solution is to string multiple routes together. Continue reading to find out how it’s done using the Android app.

1. Open the Badger Maps app, tap the Lasso icon at the top right of the screen, and draw around the first 23 stops that you’d like to visit.

2. After that, the app will take you to the Lasso page. Click Create Route to start routing these stops.

3. Once you’re on the Current Route page, tap Map to go back to the map screen, then click on the 24th stop’s account pin.

4. Click the account name at the bottom of the screen to go to the Details section, then tap Location, hit Copy, and click Routes to go back to the route screen.

5. Next, tap +Add Start/End Location (make sure you haven’t set a default start/end location).

6. Then click End, paste the address that you copied on the Search Address bar, and select the address that will appear at the bottom.

7. Hit Done, and you’ll see an End Location at the bottom of your route. Optimize the route if applicable, and tap Save.

8. Enter a Route Name (Route A for example), choose a Route Date, and click Save. You now have your first route.

9. After saving, you’ll go back to the Current Route page. Hit Clear, and then click Map to return to the map screen so you can start working on your second route. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

10. You’ll be taken again to the Current Route page after selecting the next set of locations. Go back to Map, click your first route’s 24th stop account pin, and repeat steps 4 and 5

11. Next, follow steps 6 to 7, but select Start this time. You should see that the first route’s 24th location is your second route’s Start Location.

12. Repeat step 8, but name the route with Route B.

13. Click Clear, then tap Saved Routes to see the connected routes.

Route A

Route B

Note: Follow steps 1 to 4 on this article if you want to track which accounts were already routed.

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