Most sales reps spend almost their entire working lives on the road, traveling from one customer location to another, driving around looking for prospects, and so forth. They spend numerous hours poring over their territory maps, analyzing their client data, and finding the best routes to reach their customers, hours they could be spending selling to more customers. With so much to do in one day, what with cramming as many sales calls as they can make in a day to maximize their time on the road, they need a mobile app that can help lighten the cumbersome task of route planning and mapping, something that they can take with them on their travels.

Among the mapping and routing software available on the market today, Badger Maps is one of those that work well with both PCs and Macs. You can also download the Badger app on your iPhone, iPad, and Android. Using GPS technology, it can access Google maps and provide you with traffic updates, alternative routes, and turn by turn driving directions to help you avoid traffic jams and reach your appointments on time. With just a few taps on your iPhone or iPad, you can get new leads that you can visit whenever you have free time on your calendar.

Apart from being an efficient mapping tool and route optimizer, Badger Maps also has enough functionality to serve as the main CRM (customer relationship management) software. It can also integrate easily with your existing crm and personal calendar, helping you manage and organize your call schedule.

In addition, Badger Maps has a Lasso tool that lets your draw exact shapes on your map, customize your routes, and make group updates. It also has Check-in feature that automatically creates a permanent history after each client visit, even generating weekly reports of all the visits you made.

With the Badger app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android optimizing your routes and managing your schedule for you, your days of long, boring, and unproductive sales journeys are over.

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