An iPad or any other tablet is among the usual companions of a traveling professional aside from their smart phones. And since most of their working life is spent on the road, they need an app on their iPad or iPhone that can help them lighten the weight of daily route mapping and schedule management. Because really, who wants to waste time on those cumbersome, albeit important tasks when they can just get an efficient mapping and routing software and spend more time selling or servicing clients instead?

Badger Maps is the best route optimization available today. Highly efficient and easy to use, just connect it to your customer database on your PC or Mac and you can instantly view all your customer locations on one map, allowing you to analyze your client account data faster and easier. It can also integrate with your daily calendar and help you organize your schedule more accurately.

When you download the Badger app on your iPad, iPhone, or Android, your mobile’s GPS technology can get access to Google maps and provide you with live traffic updates and alternative routes to help you avoid getting stuck and being late. It can provide you with turn by turn driving directions, as well as new leads that you can visit if you have free time.

Customizing your map is also made easy with the Badger Maps Lasso tool which allows you to draw exact shapes on your map, adjust fields, make mass updates on your accounts, and optimize your routes with a few taps. Aside from map customization, it also lets you do check-ins and create a permanent history for each account you visit.

As far as travel companions go, the Badger app is probably the best for sales reps and other occupations that require constant traveling. A route optimization software that guarantees a 25% increase in productivity and 20% decrease in travel time and costs? Who can say no to that?

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