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Running a wholesale business can be challenging if you are not familiar with your sales territory. Once a customer places an order, you must be ready to deliver your goods in the most efficient way possible. Whether you are dealing with new clients or not, it always pays to know how to reach them in a systematic order – eliminating the need to backtrack or do unnecessary turns. You can achieve this by using a reliable wholesale sales map app known as the Badger Maps.

Badger Maps grabs all your customers’ information and plot their exact location on your map. With Badger, you can instantly identify where your best clients are located, how long the distance between you and them, and the estimated time needed to reach their location. Badger lets you mark multiple locations and schedule your visits ahead of time.

You can use different built-in features to truly harness the power of Badger Maps. The Check-In feature allows you to track your activities every time you visit a customer. The Lasso Tool highlights multiple clients, identify the best routes to reach them, and mass-update their details.

Badger is a great tool to help you improve your wholesale business. Since Badger displays all your customers’ details in an informative way, you can immediately identify how to improve your marketing strategies. Badger can also help you see which clients provide the best business opportunities for you.

While there are other wholesale sales map apps out there, it is only Badger that can really improve the way you work. So sign up for a free trial today!

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