How Wholesale Sales Managers Use Badger Maps

As a manager in Wholesale Sales, you face unique challenges daily. You have to plan and coordinate the distribution of products by managing a sales team, assigning territories and setting quotas. It’s difficult to keep track of each reps’ performance, ensure that they are meeting their goals while analyzing sales data to make informed decisions and find new opportunities.

Badger Maps helps you manage your sales team more efficiently by enabling teamwork, internal communications and sales management. Use Badger to develop a better sales process strategy to improve performance and increase revenue!

Manage Your Sales Team


The manager function in Badger allows you to monitor your team’s activities, routes, customer check-in’s and notes. Assign customers and territories to your sales reps and they’ll instantly see it on their map. Add new customers to their current route with a few clicks to ensure they stop by the best opportunities.

With Badger you get a better overview of what each rep is up to, giving you complete insight on  their sales performance. One glance at their history of activities details whether  goals are being met or improvements need to be made. Get a better sense of your sales team’s developmental needs and gain the insights you need to help them perform at their best!

Get Valuable Data


When your reps are visiting customers in the field they can create check-in’s and make notes about important details and meeting results. You can see the collected data of all your reps at one glance and filter and colorize it by specific metrics to enable more informed decisions.

With Badger, you get data from the field about:

  • what products customers are buying.
  • when and how frequently they’re buying.
  • what quantities they order.
  • potential cross or up-selling opportunities.
  • and whatever else you need to keep track of.

Having that information at hand helps you focus on your most important customers and develop a more targeted sales strategy. Uncover and take action on new opportunities immediately to achieve maximum profitability and growth.

Measure Results

Badger gives you the opportunity to set goals, such as a quota or how many customers each rep should visit per day or per month. By exporting weekly or monthly reports, you can see if the goals were met, which customers were visited, what the results were and if the highest priority customers were being focused on.

You can generate reports of your sales reps activities and sales performance for a selected time period. Badger makes measuring results and reporting to senior management a breeze!

Use Badger to manage your sales team more efficiently, make them more successful and increase revenue. Read about how this Wholesaler uses BadgerSign up for the FREE trial today and see how Badger helps you and your team sell more!

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