Wholesale Field Sales Software

Wholesale Field Sales Software

Running a wholesale business has its own challenges. If you want to really grow your business, you must be reliable and punctual all the time. After all, your clients rely on the efficiency of your product delivery to ensure that they also have something to sell in their establishment. Thus, the easiest way to turn off clients is to be late in delivering your products. To ensure you stay right on schedule, you better use the Badger Maps, an impressive wholesale field sales software.

Badger Maps is a sales productivity app designed to help you run your wholesale business. Once you added all your customers’ data, Badger can now systematically sorts them out and displays your needed information in the most convenient way possible. Badger serves as a secure and centralized database so you can easily access your clients’ details anywhere, anytime.

“Badger Maps gave direction to our team, it focused their field activity. It also gave us insight where they were spending their time and what results they were getting.”

Jeff Speerstra

District Manager, Anchor Packaging

With the use of an extremely informative and detailed map, Badger shows you the exact locations of your customers. With a simple glance, you immediately get an idea of which of your clients are near or far from you. You know how your customers are distributed across a particular geographic area.

Navigating through your sales territory is also a bliss with Badger Maps. Enjoy using complete turn by turn driving directions, live traffic updates, vivid satellite images, and accurate street-level mapping. All these assist you in saving time, energy, and fuel.

So if you are looking for the right wholesale field sales software for you, give Badger Maps a try. Start your free 7-day trial today to learn more.

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